Success Stories – Pride Designz

Below are highlights of the Shopify podcast with Pride Designs. The owner, Rizala Carrington, created a successful fanpage about a subject she’s passionate about, and her process of integrating a monetary product. (I tweaked a few typos/words here and there to make it easier to read.)
    To watch the podcast or read the full transcript, visit:
    • Choose something that you’re truly passionate about because it’s so much easier to find content, to be engaging, to just not get tired of running the community because what’s so important is building a community, being engaged and being passionate about that community.
    • When you’re starting a business, you should start a business where you would be proud to stand on a stage and talk about it. Just thinking of it that way, I think makes a big difference because there’s certain things, would you tell your mom about your business or would you be okay talking to people about your business. I think that’s a good exercise to go through when it comes to deciding what you want to be doing.
    • With the Lesbian Pride it was so natural to me. It didn’t even come up as an idea [for a business] because it was so natural. I was always reading articles, engaging other fan pages, liking videos, watching videos, it just seemed like a form of entertainment. I was just like, “Wait, this can be a niche I can be a part of.” For example a lot of people watching boxing or UFC or MMA and they’re super passionate about it. They love it. They know all the fighters, they talk about things. They don’t necessarily compete in it, but they are so passionate about it, but they wouldn’t consider that a niche they can join because they think, “Oh I have to be a fighter.”

    No, no. Just being someone who is entertained by a niche, it can be used as your niche to monetize. It should be something natural. Before I got started I wrote down everything that I was and everything that I accomplished. I wrote down I’m a wife, I’m a salesperson, I’m a lesbian, I’m this, I’m that. I used to do this, I used to do that. I wrote down everything that I could possibly think of, everything that I’ve done, my favorite TV shows. That’s where I was like, okay, these are the things. Let me try to figure out what I can do, and then when I found it, I was like, “Oh I’m a lesbian. I’m also interested in LGBT issues. Let me research this niche.” Then I promise you, almost every single niche has some type of buying power.

    • [regarding Likes on a FB fan page] “Likes do not equal money, but what likes does is it can allow you to equal more engagement because you have a person who’s already somewhat warmed up to you. To me this is the formula, likes equal engagement, equal clicks, equal email, equals money to me.
    • I have an auto responder set up as well as scheduled broadcasts. I try [not] to do too much auto responder stuff. Because sometimes the same person will join the same email list twice or something. I just keep it fresh. I have two email auto responders set up, and then I just do broadcasts. They’re either joining another email list that qualifies them more into being a buyer, or it gets them to try to buy something, or it gets them to interact. I sometimes send them back to a quiz. I say, “Oh okay, you just joined my email list. Check out this quiz.” Keep them in a circle. I try to get to know them, keep them entertained, keep them used to opening my emails, clicking my links, commenting, sharing. I want them to just engage with me. I don’t care what you’re doing. Just engage.